This section of the website provides information and documents produced during the activities of the TFAE or related to them, which may be useful as a reference point to interested parties.  In particular:

Working plans:  Three-year-period plans, which are an instrument for operationalising the objectives of the TF.  These define the specific activities, the responsible SAI for each activity, timeframes and expected results for each activity. 

Reports:  Annual reports submitted by the TFAE to the EUROSAI Governing Board and Congress.  The reports outline the main activities and results of the TF in the reporting period.

Surveys:  As part of the mandate of the TFAE, surveys have been conducted among European SAIs, concerning both pillars of the mandate (ethics and integrity within SAIs and SAIs’ contribution to promoting ethics in the public sector).  This section includes the surveys conducted to date and the resulting reports.

Papers:  Papers dealing with the topic of ethics/integrity, issued by the TFAE in an effort to compare practices and offer practical guidance to SAIs in this field.

Guidance:  Guidelines issued by the TFAE and, additionally, by other bodies in the issues concerning ethics/integrity. Available translations of the guidelines to national languages are also included.

Articles: This folder includes several articles concerning ethics/integrity and/or the activity of the TFAE.

Meetings:  The agendas, results and other documents explored and presented in the meetings of the TFAE.

Seminars:  Programmes, documents and conclusions of seminars organised by the TFAE or other bodies, relevant to ethics/integrity.

Workshops:  Presentations and other materials from workshops held by the TFAE or other bodies, relevant to ethics/integrity.

Videos: Videos related to ethics/integrity and information on the video competition(s) held by the TFAE on the topics of its mandate.