Enhancing Ethics within Supreme Audit Institutions
Lisbon, 29-30 January 2014
This seminar is organised and hosted by Tribunal de Contas of Portugal, as one of the key activities of the EUROSAI Task Force on Audit and Ethics (TFA&E).
The first goal of the planned activities of the TFA&E for the period of 2012-2014 was to “Contribute to raise public confidence in SAIs by supporting the implementation of ISSAI 30
(INTOSAI Code of Ethics)”. Within this goal, the Task Force conducted a survey to European SAI on how they manage ethics in their organisations, studied and collected related information and planned to deliver proposals on how to enhance training in ethical issues. A seminar was scheduled to share the information and experiences gathered.
At the same time, the seminar is an opportunity to discuss and explore some of the problems and changes in ethical management, through an exchange of views and approaches, and to collect SAI’s ideas and opinions on the draft proposals of the Task Force.
Additionally, and considering that ISSAI 30 is under review, this seminar presents itself as a forum where ideas about this review can also come up.
Through this seminar participants are expected to achieve the following objectives:
  • Raise their awareness of the importance of enhancing and managing ethics within SAI
  • Be able to structure the approach to ethics’ management in an organisation
  • Reflect on ways to raise knowledge and concerns of ethical issues among auditors, including training approaches
  • Share information and experiences, identify good practices and discuss views about managing ethics and implementing ISSAI 30
  • Learn and draw lessons from these experiences
The seminar will combine general plenary sessions to put issues in context, to share information and present experiences and interactive blocks to identify problems and discuss ideas and views.
Considering background and objectives, EUROSAI SAIs are invited to share their experience by presenting cases and discussing them, INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee (PSC) and INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) are natural partners to this initiative and OECD’s Public Sector Integrity Division has kindly agreed to contribute, sharing their extensive developed approaches and perspectives in ethical management.
The seminar is targeted to several levels of the SAI’s staff, who want to raise their level of awareness in ethical issues or are willing to deepen their knowledge and experience in the matter:
  • Strategic managers
  • Human resources managers
  • Staff working with ethics related issues
  • Audit managers
  • Audit leaders
  • Auditors 

Considering the broad membership of EUROSAI, SAI are invited to be represented by up to two participants in this even.